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We are excited to again partner with Ride4all as our service provider for our Share-a-Ride program! Ride4all was founded in 2008 to help individuals and groups find carpool alternatives, thus helping to save time, gas and have a positive effect on our environment!

Continually striving to reduce traffic congestion near Stratford School locations, fulfill our Good Neighbor policy, and assist our families in finding ways to reduce their transportation costs all in a “green” way are key values of our Share-a-Ride program.

Some great benefits of our program partnership with Ride4all are:

• No paperwork for parents to complete (We save trees!)

• No verification of ridership by the school campuses

• 24/7 access to the portal page

• Secure portal page for Stratford parents only

• Register anytime during the school year

• View your potential gas & carbon footprint savings

• Connect 24/7 with your ride share partners via email

• Bikers, walkers and those using public transportation may register and view their potential savings too!


ATTENTION PARENTS: Access to Share-a-ride will be available for the new school year shortly. All parents will receive an email with the new access code no later than by mid-August.

Once the site opens for the 2017-2018 school year, parents would need to register, by simply following the steps below:

• Go to (This link may also be found on our school’s website.)

• Enter the access code that was given in the Share-a-Ride email that was sent to you and complete the registration process.

• You will be directed to the Home Page where you will see a map showing your location and the distance to the Stratford campus location you chose in the registration process. You will also see the location of other registered Stratford families in your general location. You may choose to send an email message by clicking the appropriate button or invite via email one or more of these families to join a carpool.

• If you ride a bike, walk or take public transportation daily to and from school and would like to see your potential savings, register and then click on "My Profile" to select the correct option.

• Check the FAQ and/or Help tab on this website for additional information.

• New registrations happen in real time, so check back often to try and set up your ride share.

We hope you find Share-a-Ride, hosted by Ride4all, of benefit to you in your family’s efforts to save some money, reap the benefits of exercise (if you live close to campus), or meet a new Stratford family through carpooling – all while helping the environment! On average, Stratford families who register each year with the Share-a-Ride program, save the environment more than 98,700 pounds of CO2, which works out to the equivalent of saving more than 5,000 gallons of fuel! This is a great accomplishment and we would like to extend a warm thank you to our Stratford participants who have biked, walked, used public transportation, and carpooled their way to help reap these wonderful benefits.

Please join us and other Stratford families in achieving this goal! Sign-up and Share-a-Ride today!